Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Real Wedding: Sumé + Riaan

Today's lovely South African wedding, was captured by the very talented Nikki Meyer. It was pretty much a case of love at first site for Sumé + Riaan who met whilst still studying. And the proposal that followed after a few years together is a must read (men take note!!). Sumé shares more of the details with us...

I was busy with my degree in Teaching whilst Riaan did his Masters in IT. He was a Junior Lector in one of the buildings where I had class. We got invited to the same party one weekend. I was wearing my most comfortable t-shirt, rained down hair, running around in my socks. He came in and our eyes met for a few seconds. To this day he still says that is the most beautiful I have ever looked (other than my wedding day of course). We just looked at each other and knew. We have been a part of each other’s lives since that day.

After a brief re assessment of our lives, Riaan and I realised we should be together. We had discussed getting married and by this time, after 5 years together, Riaan knew exactly what my dream ring looked like. (I am sure the little sketches all over my house and in his dairy did not hurt...). While I thought my friend was just taking me to an outdoor show in Hyde Park, Riaan was nervously awaiting at the perfect spot. As my friend and I turned a corner, I heard beautiful violin music playing and there, on a blanket, stood my prince. My friend had her camera on action mode and started snapping away, capturing my amazed face, me running towards him, him going down on one knee, him confessing his love and trying to put it on the wrong finger and finally, our first embrace as engaged couple. We spent the rest of the afternoon snacking, giggling and just taking in the moment.

Back with more shortly...

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Super Burbs said...

Wow- that cake is beautiful! What a gorgeous way to start the day (or end the day, depending where you are :)

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