Monday, August 30, 2010

Board#69: Cameo & Cupcakes

Good morning, and a happy Monday to you all!! If you live around my parts I think you'll empathize with me when I say I'm seriously over the rain!! Every weekend for weeks on end now (or so it seems at least) has been rainy!! And as much as I love a good rainy day there such a thing as overkill. We went to visit the house and get it measured up for a few things.... it gets better with each visit, and we're getting more and more excited about moving in... still weeks to go however!
Today's board is a little bit of a departure from my usual style - it's a far more glammed up version! (Trust me, me and glam don't really get together much these days:-) Rich, decadent and indulgent!! I do think this look lends itself best to a autumn/fall wedding and in fact would be totally suited to the weather we're having right about now!

Photos from top left; all photos via Style Me Pretty
2nd row; Shoes by Chris Everard, Necklace via Etsy, Red Velvet box by Dasha Wright, Calligraphy via Style Me Pretty
3rd row; Perfume bottle by Jen Kroll, Cupcakes unknown, Photo by Elizabeth Messina, Photo by Jessica Claire


postcards and pretties said...

love the rich palette...perfect for a autumn wedding

dognbird said...

I'm feeling the glam and wishing you sunshine!

Aleah + Nick Valley said...

Oh, this combination is incredible! The colors are so warm and just lovely!

brit @ landlocked bride said...

Perfect early Fall palette. So warm!

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