Friday, November 5, 2010

Board#88: Farm Fresh Goodness

Hi lovelies..... I'm baaaaack!!! (I know I did a wee shoe post but that didn't count!) And I've missed you all... I've kinda been checking in on my phone but only got internet up and running as of yesterday so it's been a frustrating week - thank goodness for my fabulous guest posters!! If you're waiting for an email from me I promise it's coming!! So up until a few hours before we were due to settle it was all up in the air as to whether we could even move in on the day - and to say that created a wee bit of stress and a husband about to explode at someone would be an understatement! Anyway long story short we're in (although technically still waiting to settle!!) and I am truly in my own little slice of heaven. For my long time friends who knew me as an Anne of Green Gables obsessed teenager this will come as no surprise!! I went for a walk to document my new neighbourhood in the evening sun last night with the biggest smile on my face cause it really is all a bit of a dream come true and I feel truly lucky to be living somewhere like this.

Anyway enough gushing.... because of my new country girl status (yeh you bet I'm going to get some mileage out of that!) I thought I'd post an appropriate board for my new lifestyle (seriously the way I'm going on you'd think I lived on a 1000 acre farm in the middle of nowhere!). Today's inspiration is all about the food and in particular the kind of fresh food that you get at your local farmers markets. There are so many creative ways to display food for your wedding; present it in gorgeous wooden crates, have fun signs highlighting your favourite foods, wrap goodies in fabric and twine, fill mason jars will nuts and hang them with cute hand-written signs... the list goes on! I know there isn't much else going on in this board apart from the food but I think overall it gives you a 'feeling' that you would want to replicate on your big day. You agree?

Photos from top left; Butter | Ellen Silverman, Cheese | Sunday Suppers, Mason Jars | Jack Wittbold via Style Me Pretty
2nd row; Horse shot | Larissa Cleveland via Snippet & Ink, Apricot Jam | Michael & Anna Costa, Eggs | Carlie Statsky via Green Wedding Shoes
3rd row; Bread | unknown, Nuts | Millie Holloman , Acorns in Jars | Pottery Barn, Pumpkins on Fence | Martha Stewart


The Demoiselle said...

You poor gal! I had MAJOR issues with email and hosting yesterday so I can relate. So glad to have u back and with a stunning inspiration board at that! My daily dose of lovely is fulfilled!! ;)

Aleah + Nick Valley said...

Glad to have you back; we missed you!! Loving this board!

claire gallam said...

I love this!!! Your inspiration boards are always so amazing though.

Luna and Chloe said...

Yay your back!!! We missed you my dear! And the always inspiring boards you do! Okay, this one just might be the one I want to live in for Fall! I love the warm and homey feeling of this board! And it would be oh so fun to bring this to life ;-). You just gotta love the farm girl!!!


postcards and pretties said...

hooray your back & with a delicious board as well. I would kill for some cheese and good crusty bread right now!!

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