Monday, November 8, 2010

Board#89: A Serene Scene

Morning lovely people! Did you all have a nice weekend? Well our new house and bigger entertaining area got put to good use over the weekend with friends and family for dinner both nights. I managed to transition a few more draws from their chaotic 'lets just get everything behind closed doors' state to a more organised orderly fashion in which we can now find things easily (which pleases my tidy freak of a husband ever so :-) - I know right, it's a good thing, the tidy freakness?? Slowly slowly we're getting there. Still working on the office but just can't work out how I want it!!
Looking back over the last few boards I realised they had all been very autumn/fall like or neutral/rustic with lots of orange so I thought it was about time I threw something new into the mix. Today's board is all about a lovely serene beach or perhaps garden wedding, using a palette of muted sage green and a range of warm greys and slate blues. I love the freshness of it, so clean and crisp. I almost feel like it should be for an early morning wedding to take advantage of the new days light. Has anyone ever done that... dawn nuptials? Now that would be different (although not sure that the makeup artist would like that start so yeh perhaps not so practical!!)
Hope your week gets off to a good start!!


Steph Dunant said...

Can I live in that lounge? I love this couch!

Nicole @NicheWhite said...

It's beautiful Kate! I wish I lived somewhere that looked like this board year round...maybe someday.

Luna and Chloe said...

This is just what I needed on this rainy, grey day - a little bit of heaven!!! Gorgeous board my dear. Loving the colors and calm ;-)


Anonymous said...

Lovely board Kate! Deliciously serene. So happy you're settling well into the new place too. :)

Annie @ MarryYouMe said...

Love the color combo! So soothing :)

www.velaimages.com said...


Alexandra said...

I get such a sense of calm when I look at this board. Like the ocean breeze is washing over me. Lovely. Just lovely.

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