Thursday, November 11, 2010


Today's Thursday Purseday post is cheap and cheerful.... just what I need after sinking ourselves back into paying off a mortgage!! A little bit folksy, a little bit hippy and a lot pretty... I love how these would take the simplest outfit of jeans and a tee from plain to pizazz!! All from Accessorize in the UK - this was my go to shop when I lived in London, it's a bit like Starbucks; one on every corner... well at least one in every train station!! I loved being able to pick up low priced fashion accessories - oh at least once a week - and having something new to jazz up an old outfit (believe me those days are sadly long gone!)

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The Demoiselle said...

The two on the left hand side are sensational!

postcards and pretties said...

the chocolate one w/ the fuchsia flowers is really cute!

Sofia @ Brancoprata said...

They are all gorgeous!!

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