Thursday, December 2, 2010

Auckland beachside wedding

Remember this cute little engagement shoot I featured a few weeks back? Well today you're in for a treat as Rachel & Ben have kindly shared their wedding with us. Captured beautifully by Coralee and Alex Photography they lucked out with a stunning spring day in Auckland
Rachel ended up with two dresses on the day, a short BGBC Max Azria number for the reception and for the ceremony she refashioned her Mum's gown making it all the more sentimental. Head to Rachel's blog to see a photo of her Mum in the same dress and you'll see how she has updated it (apparently she had already cut off the sleeves without telling her Mum when she was 14!!)... I love how she's added a belt and the cameo to really make it her own. Rachel & Ben DIY'd a lot of their wedding, from making all the cupcakes and the cake itself, to doing all the table decor.
AND they served milkshakes at the wedding!! OMG I love milkshakes... what a fabulous idea!!
To read more about their wedding head over to Rachel's blog here or Coralee & Alex's website.


la petite coquine said...

This might be the most gorgeous wedding I've ever seen-stunning!

postcards and pretties said...

this bride has style..love her additions of the pin & belt.

Luna and Chloe said...

Love that the bride made her dress her own with the belt and cameo!! And those shoes - darling! Love pics on the beach...just something about the ocean that makes me happy!


The Demoiselle said...

I love so many things about this wedding - don't even know where to start. First the still shots - perfume & shoes - are amazing! Then the table - it's so simple but the colors really pop! Ok, I could go on but this is getting a little long. ;) I Love it all!

Alexandra/bWed Exclusive said...

Gosh, this is pretty! Now I want a milkshake and a cupcake (because the cupcakes were pretty cute too)! Pretty, pretty, pretty!

Steph {bubblerock} said...

One amazing wedding and those photographers? Talented.
This is one sweet wedding. One of the best I have seen coming from New Zealand! Seriously!

Lana said...

Oh wow, so many gorgeous things! Love the wedding dress with that little cameo detail, the fab purple heels and the bouquet! And the bridesmaids look great too!

jenny said...

i adore that broach on her dress...very unique touch!

Anonymous said...

Just catching up - love this wedding and so glad I didn't miss it! The bride's styling is wonderful, and I love the bridesmaid dresses. And also the pink napkins - such a simple touch, but that shade is stunning and it makes such an impact on the whole table!

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