Monday, June 20, 2011

Board#135: Purple Patch

Good morning, good morning!! How are we all this fine Monday morning? Did you get up to anything fun over the weekend? I did a spot of clothes shopping... the first in an awfully long time... my husband keeps urging me to go and buy some things so I stop complaining that I have nothing to wear. I find it rather amusing that I get such good feedback on my Tuesday Shoesday posts as seriously if you could see me in my daily get up you'd know I most certainly do not walk the talk!! Working from home means I want to be comfy with a capital C and on those days where I don't have any appointments and only need to do runs to the printer, well let's just say I'm in my office with a click of my fingers... often without so much as a glimpse in a mirror! I remember the days back in London working in the corporate world, up early to blowdry my hair every day, heels, full face of makeup etc. Phew... such effort! It was fun for a while but I tell ya I'm pretty glad I don't need to do that now unless I go out. Sadly though I have totally lost my shopping mojo! This from the girl who shopped pretty much every weekend without fail in London... but alas those were the days before I ran my own business and firstly, the time on my hands was plentiful back then, and that was before I wanted to plunge my hard earned funds back into said business. So yep I almost had to be dragged out shopping, and after nearly giving having found zero inspiration I finally purchased a few items... oddly enough only because the husb actually made me break out of my mold and try something new... and get this... two black items! Unheard of for me, but boy oh boy there is little option in the shops out there. I know it's winter, but if I had wanted to buy anything with colour I'd be out of luck... so drab!
Wow... I just said quite a lot for me, so I won't go on and on about the below board, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves!! Hope your week gets off to a great start. I might start a new thing and get dressed up to sit in my office for the day!

Photos from top left; Rustic Chair | Country Living, Ceremony Tent | Aaron Delesie, Bouquets on wood | Simply Bloom, Flowers on chair | Loreta Jasiukeniene
2nd row; Gumboots | Loreta Jasiukeniene , Centrepiece | via Utterly Engaged, Bride in woods | Jenny Sun
3rd row; Bouquet | unknown source , Silver Cutlery | Loreta Jasiukeniene, Lavender | Di Lanatta via Karen Tran, Couple with umbrellas | Kirstie Tweed


Eleanor Gannon / Jel said...

Hurray for not having to look in the mirror to go to work! I understand loosing the shopping mojo - it's so tough out there with a shops seeming to offer exactly the same things. Maybe we should glam it up and dress to impress (even if it's only the cat who'd get to see me!). Gorgeous board, as always.

Brancoprata said...

Glad you are having fun shopping!! I wish i could join you ;(

Love the board!!

postcards and pretties said...

This board is beautiful! Love the wellies!!

Glad to hear about your shopping extravaganza. I'm stuck in a shopping rut too. I need to change that asap ;)

Naomi Goodman said...

Gorgeous board and I am glad that you went out {forcibly so} and treated yourself to some nice things. Have a great week, Kate.

{The Perfect Palette} said...

i heart this palette, kate. xo, chrissy

lizzie said...

beautiful color! i never would have thought to put those shades together, lady.

Leagh@bunchesdirect said...

All this colors are the colors of nature,that is why it matches each other so perfect. Purple remains my favorite for a very long time,I never got tired of it. Thank you for beautiful selection!

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