Saturday, June 11, 2011

Whimsical Stop Motion Engagement Video by Delphine Photography...

We're mixing things up a bit this Saturday as I haven't had time to look at enough blogs to even gather any favourites... really it seems to be getting harder and harder each week to find the time!! I think I need to reset my reader to zero and go from there. It's been a great week on Magnolia Rouge with some awesome and inspiring Kiwi talent on display... and our highest ever daily hits!! Thank you to all you lovely readers who continue to follow the blog... I appreciate every one of you and your comments :-) And thank you to all the wonderful photographers sharing their work with us!!
It's no secret that I love stop motion video's... I love the sense of whimsy they invoke (a word my husband rolls his eyes at every time I use... whimsy that is, not invoke!!). This one from Delphine Photography is particularly cute. I love the magical element to it.
Speaking of the husband, he is arriving home from a week away this morning, which I'm pretty excited about as I - with the hired help (aka Mum and Dad - and ok hired is a stretch... I made them a cup of tea!!) organised a little surprise for him. Now although I'm pretty certain that he doesn't read my blog too often I don't want to give it all away just in case he's stuck in customs for a while and thinks to read this in the queue (sooo unlikely!), so I won't give details, but I'm pretty sure he's going to be thrilled with the results... let's just say my parents are so very clever and on top of that unbelievably selfless. My poor Dad took a week off and I roped him into spending about three of those days at my place!! Bad daughter! Thanks Ma & Pa!!

Adele and Layton from Delphine Photography on Vimeo.


postcards and pretties said...

oh my goodness..how cute is this video. I can't get enough of stop motion videos. I hope Jon likes his surprise!!

la petite coquine said...

Hello, heaven! What an adorable video!

Enjoy the weekend with your sweetie, and his big reveal!

Peters Girl said...

Ehm, awesome much?!
I've just been thinking of contacting a few videographers for my blog and now I know I need to do it. This is too sweet!

I also kinda like the idea of starting googlereader from scratch. I have wayyy too many on there

mariage said...

I appreciate your clear writing and the effort you have spent on this post. Many thanks for the good work and good luck with your site, I greatly look forward to future updates.

mariage said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kristi said...

Eeks ~ this is darling!!! And since I am sooo far behind these days, I know he LOVED his surprise ;-))


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