Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Board#149: Lavender & Hay

I know, I know, I've been MIA!! I seem to have lost my blogging mojo! Truth be told it's more the time to do it that I've lost. I know this will come as NO surprise at all to many of your who run your own businesses, or do double duty writing a blog as well as working full time, but it's hard!! Really hard sometimes. As business owners we wear so many hats, and it's hard to juggle them all at once or indeed keep on top of all aspects that are involved in a business. My first priority (business wise) has to be my clients! First and foremost I have to focus on the jobs I need to get out the door, and of course there are always other projects on the go that help inspire me creatively. And since relaunching the website I've been so overwhelmed and consumed with work that I've hardly so much as looked at other blogs! Of course being busy is always a great thing and I'm not complaining about it, however I'd love to start feeling on top of things one of these days... like I'm not always 10 steps behind! I still have to try to fit in some balance and spend time with my husband and do all the things that are involved with running a house (something I fail miserably at!!), as well as trying to clear some head space for working out how to decorate said house and garden! 
In the interest of full transparency, there are days when I simply don't feel like working, don't want to sit at my desk churning out quotes and emails,...  I know, we all have them right? But a 'duvet day' is not an option when it's your own business. There is NEVER, EVER, nothing to be done!! And whilst the freedom of running your own business is highly attractive and one of the things I love the most, there is also no accountability. No boss to question why I haven't done something on time, where is this report etc? And believe me, for me that's definitely a good things by most accounts, but often I think I need that person to keep me on top of things. And also for positive reassurance. I will often send a job out to a client, and a month later have to follow up to see that the invites have even been received as I haven't heard so much as a peep from them. This my friends is disheartening. You spend the time to work on their stationery for their special day and you don't get so much as an acknowledgment. Which is why when my week began with the below email I practically skipped to my desk. Christy mailed me from Taiwan to work on her stationery, and whilst I wouldn't usually share this kind of thing on the blog (it feels a little braggy!) sometimes we all just like a little praise and it's lovely to know that the passion we put into our work is appreciated. This makes it all worth it.

"Your parcel has just arrived!!! I was so excited, I was literally shaking as I opened the package.
And may I just say it is THE most beautiful invitation I have ever seen in my life!!! It's too beautiful to be true. I feel so happy and relieved right now I could start crying any second now.
Thank you so much Kate. You have absolutely outdone what I could dream of.
And the most important thing is I have been stressed out recently and from time to time I would imagine that my wedding was falling apart. Feeling that it's not going to live up to my dream wedding. But seeing the invitation has brought back all my faith, feeling that my wedding might just be that perfect. Thank you so much, Kate!!! If you were next to me right now, I would give you a big hug. Thank you for your patience, your talent and the wonderful work.
I would recommend you to all my friends."

And since I've missed blogging over the past week I thought it was about time I posted something!! I returned to my rustic roots and created a scrumptious board for what I picture to be a mountain wedding in an old weathered barn. With just the right combination of rustic chic and prettiness. (and of course the name inspiration from my friend Erin!)... lace hankies, lavender sachet favours, pretty lilac and lavender bouquets, sweet homemade jam favours. Tell me you don't love it too? Ok phew... this may just been the longest post I've ever written!! I'm off to finish up a fabulous letterpress job I'm working on... can't wait to share it with you... I'm well overdue for some invite photo sessions!!


Naomi Goodman said...

The best thing to hear from a client is how happy we've made them. I'm so happy for you and yes you've been missed. This is a gorgeous board!

Eleanor / Jel said...

It's so wonderful you got such a lovely email from your client - I'm sure that's what makes all the hard work worth it in the end. I hope you find some time for yourself soon (although hurray for being busy and having lots of things to do!).

Naois said...

Congrats! A happy client, who is not only happy, but telling you how happy they are is reason to celebrate. God knows it's tough when you work for yourself (I totally understand) motivating yourself can be so draining (oh the irony) that you need to really enjoy the open and unconditional praise you receive. Well done! You go girl!!

lizzie said...

the sweetest letter! love your inspiration board, of course.

Alicia@CharityWedding said...

Ah what a sweet letter! I can only imagine how gorgeous they were!! I love the board! And I agree with you, sometimes being your own boss is hard work!

Erin*Sparkle&Hay said...

OOOOOOOOoooooh my gosh Kate it is PERFECT!!!!

& btw I LOVE hearing that gushing email - your work is exquisite & I'm SO happy to see/feel the joy of a bride enjoying it!!!


Steph {bubblerock} said...

I hear you Kate and I am glad you received this email and this will keep you going for a little while :)
And she is right: you are talented and you bring so much to your clients!
I wish you many many more amazing clients and emails telling you that you rock!

jacin {lovely little details} said...

oh what a special email you received, and totally deserved! so special - it makes all those crazy non-stop work days so worth it, doesn't it!

Kristy from Imbue Weddings said...

Kate I think a lot of your clients would feel exactly the same way even if they don't express it. You're work is always "take my breath away". And thank you for writing such an honest blog post. I have a serious love affair with lavender and like you haven't found the time to blog lately. You've inspired me to make time for the lavender post I have been thinking about for weeks. :)

Kismet said...

I am glad you shared this with us!You deserve this and I am sad that some clients don't even send an email even if it is just to say 'The package has arrived.'.But it takes all kinds ,right?

Beautiful beautiful board!

Christall Lowe said...

Awwwww Kate! You are a legend. I was once going to email you to simply ask you what your secret was - how you manage to do everything you do! (unless you have more than 24 hours in your part of the country?!). I can totally relate to your story. The stuff about wearing all the hats and doing everything, and the stuff about clients not getting back to you after you've worked so hard to create something for them. It's tough, but then rewarding when you get lovely emails like the one you did! And sometimes, a 'duvet day' is definitely in order.
I've finally decided to say goodbye to the business that has had me in its grips for the last 12 years, all 24 hours of every day, and do something else that I love, but (hopefully) doesn't swallow up every moment of my time (Maisy & Grace ahhhh)
Anyway, gosh, enough about me!!! I'm having a good ole spill here! I just wanted to say that I LOVE everything you produce, and your early morning blog posts/inspiration boards are the first things I see when I get on here in the mornings. You are an inspiration. LOVE this exquisite new board. And I do hope you get a duvet day soon.
Take care
Christall x

louise {bijouxbride} said...

Aww, well done Kate! What a wonderful email from your bride, it definitely makes it all worthwhile, and I must say you thoroughly deserve it! I completely relate to your story, sometimes it seems impossible to fit everything in, do your job well, blog, be a wife, friend and everything else! Ladies like you are my inspiration, I hope you take some time for yourself soon xx

Elizabeth {Bridal Musings} said...

Such a lovely email! I hope you find a good work/life balance soon ~ you're so right about no duvet days when you work for yourself! Beautiful board as always, I can't get enough of lavender!

la petite coquine said...

Oh Kate, don't ever feel bad for not blogging-your LIFE comes first, then your wonderful work, and finally your divine blog! Of course I miss you when you're gone, but I always know you're working on beautiful projects, and I'm so glad you got the acknowledgement you deserve!

xoxox, Lena

Wrapped Couture said...

This board is awesome!

Layla Mayville said...

I agree with Lena- la petite coquine, life sometimes does get extremely busy and we/you should not have to apologize. When you are a busy bee making beautiful invitations you should be proud of your work.....we'll be here following you :) Lovely board also!!

Kristi said...

Kate ~ hey lovey...you know I need to hear all this...and after your comment...I finally made it over! I couldn't agree with you more ;-) I am soooo far behind these days and it seems like nothing I do, no matter how fast I go I can catch up...or goodness ~ do I dare say it ~ get ahead! Every single free minute I have is running to my storage unit, getting to the things I need, taking pictures, putting the stuff back, going home, editing pictures...in two different sizes no less, uploading said pictures, adding the small and then the large and writing, and linking, and......EEKS!!!!!! On Saturday I didn't get out of bed til NOON! Seriously, I was awake...I just didn't want to get out and have to do it all over again ;-) Granted I LOVE MY BUSINESS...and as so thrilled I had the opportunity to start it and run it...but the legwork of getting up and running is A LOT to say the least!

So yes, you are not the only one that feels that way ;-) I couldn't be more THRILLED for you about receiving such a lovely e-mail!!!!! It really is those things that make all the difference, no?

And now that this just might be the longest comment in history ~ I HEART this board bigtime! Love the reference to Erin...as I do see her in there too...but me as well! It's funny how I ALWAYS say I'm not a purple person...but I do tend to love your boards with purple in them! And this one is no exception!

I hope you had an opportunity during this little bloggy break to take care of you and do something for yourself!!


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