Monday, September 5, 2011

Cider Orchard Inspiration Board

Morning lovelies... did you have a nice weekend? This is a board I did many a moon ago but have never shared on the blog, and as many of you are heading into the deliciousness of fall soon, and many others will be starting to plan fall weddings, I thought it was as good a time as any to share it with you. I have yet another super busy week ahead of me, so I'm hitting it hard!!

Photos from top left; Cider | Eat, Drink, Pretty Blog, Tractor | Etsy, Couple in Orchard | Jill Thomas
2nd row; Rattan Cake | by Jose Villa, Cowboy Boots | Jeremy Harwell, Chocolate Scarf | Tickled Pink Knits, Couple with bike | Allyson Magda
3rd row; Mustard Shoes | Ruche, Autumn Scene | Duston Todd, Couple in Orchard | Jill Thomas


Anonymous said...

What a lovely board! Although the idea of autumn makes me sad. :( Still, it'll be summer for you!

Laura said...

You all have the best color boards. ♥

lizzie said...

lovely colors!

j + m said...

Love these colors! Can't wait for fall to arrive here in WA state :)

postcards and pretties said...

ok now you have me itching for autumn to arrive!!

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