Monday, November 7, 2011

Board#157: Love in the Orchard

Morning!! How are we all? Nice weekend?... did anybody attend a wedding? The weather here wasn't especially wedding like unfortunately, someone's lost the memo that summer is meant to be on it's way! I had a lovely afternoon and evening with this super special lady on Friday... so nice to take time away from my desk to relax... even if we did talk weddings much of the time! We hit the Mexican cafe and had a few too many mojitos... although we stopped just in time to not embarrass ourselves on the dance floor with the Salsa experts!
Doesn't this board just make you instantly think of carefree summer days!! ahhh I'm yearning for them ! (MUST work on my plan to take 3 weeks off over Christmas to actually experience summer this year!!) There really is something about a fruit orchard that makes it so appealing as a wedding venue. I think it takes us back to 'romance' of picking fruit as kids! The places I used to go and do that are all built up and industrialised now which always seems so sad!
Here's to a fabulously productive week!

Photos from top left: Green Bottles/Vases | Anna Kern, Sorbet & Fruits | Cannelle et Vanille, Menu | Meg Smith
2nd row; Red Converse | Loreta Blog, Escort Cards | unknown, Couple in Orchard | Elizabeth Messina
3rd row; Summer fruits | My Tartlette, Invite | Ruby & Willow, Flowers | Jose Villa


Chyme said...

Love it. Nice photos!

postcards and pretties said...

the ruby red with the cool green is one delicious palette.

{The Perfect Palette} said...

absolutely perfect! Loving these colors!

The Demoiselle said...

Fantastically feminine and lovely all around Kate! xo's

Kristi said...

Such a sweet palette! So summery and perfect...and making me crave warm weather. Ugh...I NEED a vacation. And you do too - yes you should take some time off ;-)


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