Thursday, February 9, 2012

Board#174: A Winters Beauty

Whilst I wouldn't describe myself as a 'winter girl' and I'm not sure that I could live somewhere that had heavy snow for months on end (I did it for one winter and that was enough!!), there is no denying that winter has a certain romantic element to it that is very appealing. Especially a fresh snow fall that turns everything it touches to magic. So getting married in this environment would be rather special I think, especially if you had a cute and cozy little place to stay in whilst getting ready or to honeymoon in. Nothing like an open fire and toasting marshmallows to get the romance element up! Would do you think... would you have a winter wedding?

Photos; House | Steve Veilleux, Couple in snow | Benj Haisch, Flatware | Chris Court, Tablesetting | Sweet Paul Magazine, Couple | Anastasia Photography via Grey Likes Weddings, Cabin | Jose Villa, Birch Trees, Twig Pencils | Sunday Suppers


Annaliesse said...

Definitely!! I cannot get enough of the snow! Love the warm cosy textures and colours X

prom dresses said...

Love love love the theme, so cosy & romantic x

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