Monday, February 20, 2012

Matakana wedding by Benjamin & Elise Photography

Yay, we finally had a gorgeously summery weekend... probably the first one of the entire summer that's been truly glorious weather... just as we start to head into autumn technically. I'm holding out hope for a long Indian summer as the last couple have been and especially as we have overseas guests coming to stay and travel around with. So due to said weather, my plans to lock myself indoors and design, design, design, were somewhat thwarted. I just couldn't do it. So time was spent in the garden which was lovely and so nice to get out and feel the sun!
I am delighted to be featuring the work of Benjamin & Elise Photography on the blog for the first time this morning. I came across their work a few weeks back and they told me that this wedding is only the fourth wedding they've ever shot!! Can you believe that? I would say they have a very bright future ahead of them if this is how they're starting out! The gorgeous bride Clare has kindly shared some details of their day with us...

As soon as we began to plan our wedding we were really excited about doing something alternative to the norm. I've just completed my 3rd year of a graphic design degree and my fiance is a builder so together we felt like we could create anything! We also wanted to steer clear of a 'theme' as such, but for it to be really eclectic and reflect our personalities and taste. Earlier on in the planning we did a lot of exploring around the area and had discovered the perfect little hall for our ceremony, but had a few disappointments with potential reception venues. We were out driving one day and came across and old boat shed which was only a few minutes down the road from both our houses (in Snells Beach), but very private and right by the sea. To most people it probably looked like a nightmare for a wedding reception - the shed was a complete mess and still an operating workshop with a 40ft boat inside which hadn't been out in ten years! But we could see the potential it had to make a great place for a rustic reception. There was also a beautiful paddock sheltered by a huge oak tree around the back which overlooked the sea. We spoke with the owner who was very obliging and insisted that his shed was very much in need of a good spring clean. So with the help and support of our Dads (both builders/very handymen) and our Mums (very organised and artistic) along with willing friends and family were able to create an incredible wedding day.

On the day our guests arrived to our ceremony at Whangateau Hall - inside we decorated the hall with a million handmade white flags that hung from the ceiling. Our ceremony took place in front of a large colourful fabric feature wall that us and some friends had fun making the day before. Guests we're given ceremony cards on sticks and after the ceremony, a 'field-guide' and map to give those who were unfamiliar with the area some ideas of what to do between the ceremony and the reception. Our ceremony felt so special and personal and it felt so incredible to have all our favourite people all in the same room, there to support us! After the ceremony we all gathered outside under the shade of a parasol and enjoyed munching on some popcorn, lemon cupcakes and sipping on Melon Lime and bitters. Yummy!

Our reception began a few hours later with drinks and nibbles outside by the oak tree. The sun was setting over the water as we had a jazz band playing and hay bales (with blankets on top) for seating. It was such a lovely relaxed setting to return to after having our photos taken. A friend of ours manned a photo booth and took polaroids of all our guests. The polaroids were then stuck into a book that all of our friends and family wrote messages in to wish us well. Once everyone had moved into the boat shed for the reception, we were all served a beautiful dinner by Lindy at Feast catering. The meal was served on miss-matched vintage plates that my wonderful Mummy had helped collect the months leading up to our day. We also borrowed old wooden school chairs from the nearby Matakana Hall for everyone to sit on. The tables were covered with brown kraft paper and decorated with old books and hydrangeas in glass bottles. We also had white festoon lights which were dimmed and hung from the rafters... other than that decoration was kept to a minimum because the interior of this old boat shed was so charming. We kept the large double doors open the whole night as we moved through from dinner to speeches, to cake (my Mother-in-law and I made our wedding cake), to dancing... it was so fun! Lastly, as it looked as though my new husband and i were about to make our well planned secret getaway, people were being lead outside where friends were beginning to light and release big beautiful sky lanterns - a surprise gift from a friend in Thailand. They looked so amazing as we all stood and watched these beautiful glowing lights float into the night sky - the perfect end to a more than perfect day.

Photography: Benjamin and Elise, Hair | Hannah Gordon, Makeup | Elise Wilson Hair & Makeup Flowers | Evelyn Rippon, Catering | Feast, Parasols | Binky


CaronNicole said...

Love this! Can't wait to do some shoots here as well. My imagination is running wild.

Chic Vintage Brides said...

Beautiful, beautiful wedding - such simple, romantic styling and the bride's hair decorated with flowers is so adorable!

prom dresses said...

Everything of the wedding is adorable!!The venue is beautiful,her dressis lavender? Really charm!And lovely floral headband!!

Sarah {A Paper Proposal} said...

Such a beautiful wedding! There's something so dreamy about it :)

{The Perfect Palette} said...

This wedding is fab. I love the details and the colors are great.

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