Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sneak Peek and Sponsors...

Morning all... and a happy weekend to you!! I want to end the week by saying a HUGE thank you to all my new readers. The past couple of weeks the readership has increased hugely so thank you, thank you for coming along and checking out my goings on (and of course all the beautiful work from so many talented people!!). I appreciate it very much!!
I was going to post this shoot last week but it's been 'elevated' to the magazine :-) so for now just a peek of my colour story...  and a bright and cherry one at that! And yep here I go again with the red (I must be in denial!!). Also just a note about sponsors... I've been asked many times over the past year or more about accepting sponsors/advertisers and I just haven't gone there as yet, however I do have plans to in the coming months, so if you are interested please shoot me a mail. Otherwise I will announce it on here once I've had time to sort a few things out with the blog. (I know I seriously need a search button on here!!). Have a wonderful weekend everyone. K xo

P.S. be sure to check back in Tuesday (New Zealand time) for a fabulous giveaway... one I'm not so secretly hoping I win myself :-)

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Naomi Goodman said...

Now we can add tease to your title...what a beautiful pink...and the blue background is perfect. Can't wait happy weekend, Kate!

Kismet said...

Yummy colours!
and yes!! SEARCH button :)

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