Thursday, April 19, 2012

Board#184: Peonies & Pickups

I don't know about you but I have such a thing for pickup trucks... you've probably figured out by now that I'm quite the rustic girl at heart, so anything like this really floats my boat! I'd love one parked in a corner of my property... preferably with a mass of pretty blooms in buckets as a permanent fixture too!! (Not sure what the hubs would have to say about that however :-).
Right I'm off to take Charlie to the beach to make the most of this amazing autumn weather we're having!! Have a fabulous day xo

Photos from top left; Pickup truck with flowers | Lisa Lefkowitz, Bride & Blue Pickup truck | Aaron Delesie, Pink Peonies, Flowers in bucket | Loreta Blog, Green Pickup truck | Jose Villa, Bridesmaids | Jill Thomas


Teresa said...

Makes me want a old pickup sitting in my yard...oh, the possibilities =)
Thanks for sharing

Steph | bubblerock said...

I love pick up trucks... If only you could find them easily in New Zealand, it would have been a part of our wedding, for sure... Maybe another time... Lovely board Kate.

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

Irrefutably swoon-worthy!

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