Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Poppies & Peaches

Happy Anzac day to my fellow New Zealanders!! I actually completely forgot it was a public holiday until about 5pm last night when hubs told me he was heading out for drinks on a Tuesday night (not a regular occurence for someone who's up before 5am every morning). So yay bonus... day at home with both him and Charlie (read 'phew I can hand over the puppy reins for a bit!!'). So as it's Poppy Day thought I'd highlight the prettiness that is these beauties... aren't they just delightful? They have such a whimsical nature to them. Add some lovely fresh peaches or apricots to the mix and I think it makes for a gorgeous wedding tablescape.
I think we'll be off to the beach soon to wear one hyper little Charlie out!! Even the vet said to me yesterday 'is she always like this'? No thank goodness, but when the witching hour arrives... more than once a day, she's quite the handful! Enjoy the pretty!


Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

Oh, this board is just too much–I'm in heaven!

Caribbean Wedding Events said...

Gorgeous colors...poppies are some of my favorite flowers. So happy and brilliant...thank you for sharing!

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