Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Board#189: Spring Fling

Ahh Spring... it's anything but spring like out doors right now, and whilst it's months of coldness away for us in the Southern Hemisphere I'm already dreaming of it! And what better way with a fresh kelly green and aqua colour palette. What colours get you in the mood for spring?

Photos; Bird Display | Olaf Szczepaniak, Cake | Martha Stewart, Mini Daffodils & Shoes | Jose Villa, Door | Simply Bloom, Asparagus | Tina Rupp, Chrysanthemum | Kate Parker, Martha Stewart, Fan | Martha Stewart Weddings, Baby's breath | Click Photo, Tie | Leo Patrone


Caribbean Wedding Events said...

There is no better color than blue....especially caribbean blue.

engagement rings said...

Love the blue color for weddings, so sofy and ideal for a summer wedding. From jewellers

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

This board and this palette are just heavenly! San Francisco feels wintery today, so I share your pain!

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