Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Board#191: Seafoam & Navy

I love how these colours lend a bold modern look to a wedding. I'm not usually into modern weddings per say but sometimes they just grab me. Seafoam is usually seen in more subtle colour palettes so it's nice to see it with something with a bit more punch... especially with this injection of vibrant orange.

Photos from top left; Bowtie | Troy & Aimee Grover, Bridal Party | Sarah Rhoads, Couple | Orange Girl Photography, Bouquet | Amy Majors, Heart of nuts | Rikki Snyder, Building | Sarah Rhoads, Couple | Elsje Design Blog,  Shoes | Jagger Photography


louise | b.loved said...

What a beautiful colour combo! Lovely to see seafoam used in a non-beach wedding scheme! xo

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

I just love this–and couldn't agree more with Louise! It's wonderful to see seafoam in a totally new context!

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