Friday, May 18, 2012

Boomrock (Wellington) Wedding by Erin King

Boomrock on the Kapiti Coast looks like the most incredible venue for a wedding, and these gorgeous photos from Erin King capture it at it's best. You have to love a bride who's not afraid to break away from the norm and wear a dress with such bold colour. I love how much of a contrast it makes with the natural landscape. And I especially love that sweet headpiece from one of my favourites Twigs & Honey.

We meet in Australia in 2004 while backpacking along the east coast. After three months together Jimmy returned to New Zealand with me where we spent a few more months travelling about the country before he had to return home to England. After a few months apart, I missed him so much and knew I wasn’t ready to let him go, so I decided to venture over to the England to see him. After three months, I had to return home to my final year of my university studies. We made the hard decision that Jimmy would stay behind while I finished my studies. After eight months apart (which felt like years) we were finally together again. I was adamant I never wanted to get married, but after 7 years together I changed my mind and knew that now I was going to have to propose to Jimmy! I decided I would pop the question while travelling, on a trip to Croatia, as travelling was how we met initially. Being quite a shy person, I didn’t have it in me to actually say the words “Jimmy will you marry me” so I came up with a more creative approach. Veuve Clicquot champagne has been our special occasion drink ever since our first trip to France, so I decided to create a label for the bottle. One evening on our trip, when we arrived at Hvar in Croatia at a lovely romantic spot to watch the sun set, I pulled out the bottle (label covered with a wine cooler sleeve). Encouraging Jimmy to pull the sleeve off because this was a special bottle, confused, he did so and immediately said “f**k me” followed quickly by a “hell yes”. Needless to say he was blown away and very happy indeed. We celebrated by partying the night away in Hvar.

Our wedding day was personal, relaxed and natural and with only 47 guests it was a small intimate cosy day with close family and friends. It was the best day of my life! The whole day was perfect, we were both relaxed and had a blast! It was amazing having all our friends and family from all around the world (UK, Australia and NZ) at one venue together for a day. It was fantastic for all our close friends and family to really to get to know each other and enjoy a night dancing together and celebrating the joining of two wonderful groups of family and friends.

Our sweet little flower girl Siena (14months) had a great time pre-wedding running up and down the aisle without her shoes on. But when it came to her moment there were just too many eyes looking down on her and not even her Daddy at the end of the isle was enough to entice her down. Tears from Siena, but giggles and smiles from our guests.

Boomrock is a stunning naturally decorate wooden lodge on the rustic Wellington coastline. It's a spectacular venue that showcased Wellington, New Zealand at its best to all our friends and family from overseas (who all can’t wait to come back again now – success!). They provided amazing food, wine and service – and we were told all night by family and friends how amazing the food wine and service had been.

Our photographer Erin, a wonderful friend from Wellington, did a fabulous job of capturing our wedding. She made having our photo’s taken a fun and relaxed experience on our magical day and produced a fabulous array of photos for us to pick from.

Memorable moments from the groom: Relaxing at the start of the afternoon (after a hectic morning!) with my two best friends, my brothers. Having a few beers, throwing some knives and shooting my clays. If I have any advice for a groom, I recommend some down time with your groomsmen pre-wedding having some fun to wind down.

Waiting up the front for my lovely Emma to arrive, with all my family and friends from England sitting with my family and friends from NZ and Australia all together. Magic!

As everything was about to kick off I got to shoot a clay bird to capture everyone’s attention. After I blasted the clay you could hear the helicopter in the distance. I then got a glimpse of Emma as she flew past in the helicopter and could see a small hand wavy down at me.

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* Erin King is one of my fabulous sponsors. She is available for work both in Melbourne & Wellington.


Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

This wedding is beautiful, and this couple's story is just amazing! I love that she wore purple!

Rayna McGinnis {Photography} said...

What a lovely location!

Lissa (Bellenza) said...

Quite a switch to see the bride in purple and the maid of honor (?) in ivory! Love the personal accounts by the bride and groom. :-)

Hindsight Bride said...

There are so many things I appreciate about this wedding: the bride's proposal, the blue wedding dress, the stunning location, and the modern rustic details. Amazing find!

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