Monday, May 28, 2012

Farmers Market Engagement shoot by Silvana di Franco

Good morning!!! I sincerely hope you had a far more productive and fun weekend than I did!! I literally spent the whole weekend sick in bed... can't remember a time I've ever done that! Ever! Gotta say I'm still feeling pretty dreadful and full of a cold and never-ending cough, but hey there's work to be done. To anyone waiting on emails etc from me... please bear with me, they're on their way I promise!!

I love this fun engagement shoot from the fabulously talented Silvana di Franco (seriously check out her work... it's gorgeous!). Amy and Tom met in Australia and have since moved to San Francisco. Because the love going there every Saturday morning, they had a vision of a Farmer’s Market shoot so they met at San Francisco’s Ferry Building, strolled the tents and settled in for an urban breakfast picnic. I can only imagine how fabulous their October wedding is going to look if this is their engagement!


Susana Enger said...

Beautiful photos Silvanita, I am so proud of you, keep going that nothing will stop you.

Silvana said...

Thanks so much for posting these. They are such wonderful people. It is so nice to be part of your beautiful Blog! Cheers!

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