Thursday, July 26, 2012

Board#203: Green Manor

How is your week going? I'm so glad it's warmed up a bit and not so hideously cold at the moment. I'd like to think we're through the worst of winter and on the downhill run to spring so here's hoping!You really can't go wrong with a clean green palette, and there are so many shades and textures within nature to use, it is anything but one dimensional. I love using it with natural burlap and twine, but it doesn't necessarily have to be rustic, it can be quite polished if you use lots of white and perhaps a touch of black. It's such a timeless look don't you think?

Photos from top left; Wreath | Katherine Holly, Atlanta History Centre, Tablesetting | via Veranda Mag, Table for two | Elizabeth Messina, Invitation | Ruby & Willow, Flower girls | Rebecca Hansen, Bride | Ali Harper, Bridesmaids | Joey & Jessica, Tent | Alexandra Kolendrianos

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