Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Elegant Wellington Wedding By Kate MacPherson

Hey there!! So my week didn't quite get off to the start I'd hoped. Yesterday was just one of those days where one thing after the other went wrong. Puppy Charlie has been off colour all weekend (actually making her far easier to deal with though since she's lost a bit of the crazy!!) so the morning was spent at the Vet's with her, which wasn't the nicest experience for our poor pup... or me :-( Once we got back home sick pup became naughty pup as she chewed through the electrical plug for our heater... thankfully it wasn't on at the time! I then (on the instruction of my not so DIY savvy hubs) wound electrical tape around it and plugged it back in and the TV, lights, HRV etc all blew. So now we have no heater... and it's freakin' cold!! There were a few other things that 'went wrong' but I won't go into them... nothing drastic, just one of those days with lots of annoying things! So I'm starting the week off afresh today! And what better to start it off with than a gorgeous wedding by uber talent Kate MacPherson and complemented with the loveliest of films from Bubblerock Studios. The bride shares some details with us... (oh and can I just point out how incredible those two shots of her with her grandmother are... so touching!)

"Matthias and I met each other through friends in a bar.  I was the drunk girl dancing my heart out with my girlfriends and he started dancing with us and then we started dancing together. We kissed, I left with my friends and then a few months later he found me on Facebook.  About 5 months later we started dating and 4 years later ended up getting married!
Looking back some of my favourite memories of the day were my 97 year old grandmother and Matthias' 86 year old grandfather being beautifully honoured as the VIP's at the ceremony, the best man flying in from the Ukraine the day before the wedding (no, not stressful at all......!!), my fathers abominable speech,  friends flying in from all over the world, having my two best friends in the world with me the whole way through the process, seeing Matthias cry for the first time, Matthias parents (recently divorced) dancing together at the wedding, seeing NZ based friends I haven't seen for years...oh, the list of memories goes on and on. 

Photographer | Kate MacPherson, Videographer | Bubblerock Studios, Dress | Amanda Wakeley, Matthias' suit | Tailor Made London, Bride's Shoes | Badgley Mischka, Bridesmaids dress | Claire Palmer, Wedding venue | Parents garden, Reception venue | Ruth Pretty's Springfield, Flowers | Juliette Florist, Graphics/design | Charlotte Oliver


Aleah and Nick said...

Stunning! What a beautifully timeless wedding!

Steph | bubblerock said...

The light on the day of this wedding was seriously awesome and Kate, you did an amazing job capturing it... LOVE it!

John Kaven said...

When everything else physical and mental seems to diminish, the appreciation of beauty is on the increase.
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