Friday, August 31, 2012

Board#212: Sweet Lemon

Well this week didn't quite go to plan!! It all started off fine, until I gave myself food poisoning... or picked up a bug but let's just say I've had a lot of enforced downtime. But the sort of downtime where you can't even concentrate enough to read a book or watch TV which isn't ideal. Hoping I feel 100% by the weekend! Tomorrow marks the start of spring in this part of the world, which is sooo exciting after a rainy winter. I'm ridiculously excited to see the trees starting to turn green, and flowers springing up... although I have to say our garden is suffering at the hands of Charlie a little bit so any plans to put anything new in may just have to go on hold for another year sadly! She loves to taunt us by pulling branches off trees and plants and then runs manically around the garden showing it off to us. Naughty pup!
How sweet is this board... full of subtle lemony yellow tones? And I love that it doesn't have to be overly full of colour... it's just a couple of touches here and there. Bring it into your table through some fabric, the fabulous statement necklace, and of course some delish lemony desserts!
Photos from top left; Bride with yellow necklace | Scott Andrew, Lemon Desserts | Cannelle Vanille, Lounge Interior | via Lanalou Style, Table setting | Salt Harbour, Couple | Jessica Claire, Floral arrangement | Amy Merrick (photo: David Meredith), Lemon Cupcakes | My Sweet & Saucy


Caribbean Wedding Events said...

Happy Spring, Kate! And best wishes for a speedy recovery. Love the subtly of the greys and yellows...delicious!

Sandra (Simply Peachy) said...

Perfect for Spring! The yellow is so refreshing. Love yellow in weddings.

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

I'm sorry it's been a crummy week, darling–hope you feel like yourself soon!

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