Monday, August 20, 2012

Round up | Floral Crowns

We've seen quite the resurgence of floral crowns in the past 12-18 months. Both with fresh flowers and woven fabric varieties. What used to belong solely to a more 'hippie' bride, is now becoming more mainstream with so many varieties being displayed. It does lend itself perfectly to that slightly bohemian look, with a perfectly disheveled hair style. From simple ivy or daisy crowns, to more rustic displays with twigs, right down to elaborate floral creations, there is something to suit all kinds of weddings. Whilst it's always nice to have real blooms, it's not always that easy depending on the climate, and there are several pretty faux crowns around. I think the key is that is doesn't overwhelm your face. It needs to work with your dress, and face shape, otherwise you may end up looking swamped by it. Try Whichgoose, Twigs & Honey, Lo Boheme, Mignonne Handmade for a few options.

I adore both of these... mostly because their hairstyles are so perfect with the crown of choice. The one on the right is so perfectly imperfect... loose and flowing to give an ethereal look.

This blue crown is just so striking! And against her incredible hair colour it makes such a statement... a very pretty one!

Can't go wrong with soft romantic flowers.
 Half Orange Photography via Ruffled | Sarah Gawler via Ruffled

These two are a little more on the dramatic side, and possible not quite as practical to wear but for sheer impact, they're winners!

Love the sweet simplicity of these ones. They have such a romance to them.
Heather Curiel via Style Me Pretty

Love this sweet daisy chain one... reminds me of school days, and I'm a big fan of both kale and lambs ear so the right on the right is a favourite... love the texture in it.

And let's not forget about the little ones... I mean it just doesn't get any cuter right?


Chic Vintage Brides said...

I have a big Flower Crown obsession - 208 pins worth on Pinterest :)
Love each and every one of them!

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

Oh, that blue crown is just stunning! I love the look, but I have a feeling my flower girl would pull it off better than I could!

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