Monday, August 27, 2012

Sweet Ohio Wedding by Jenny Haas

Good morning lovelies!! How was your weekend? Mine was rather blissful I have to say. The sun was shining for most of it and it felt positively spring like which was such a treat. For the past few Sunday mornings Jon has been getting up early and taking Charlie for a big walk on the beach and then bringing me home a coffee in bed. And it's pure bliss!! It's the small things right? He leaves super early every day during the week and generally plays golf Saturday mornings so it's me getting up to Charlie every day, so it's lovely to have this lazy time in bed to myself... invariably I end up playing on the laptop catching up on things... but it still feels quite luxurious. The rest of our Sunday was very productive around the house, spent some time cleaning up the garden (always looks a bit sad at this time of year... can't wait for all the spring growth to be evident!), more play time with Charlie, and a teeny bit of work involved. 
I have a super sweet wedding from the very lovely Jenny Haas to start off the week with. Meg & Nick got married at The Birch House in Yellow Springs, Ohio and were very hands on in creating their wedding, even down to Meg making the cake herself (great job!!). And check out their sweet invites on the torn fabric... love this idea.

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