Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Board#217: Spring Sage

Sadly we can't quite be celebrating spring around here yet but any day now surely (yes there is more than a hint of begging in that sentence!!). Doesn't this make for the most serene colour palette for your wedding? I can see this being used across a broad range of wedding styles; from a beach wedding to a vineyard wedding, and even a more modern industrial theme. The white flowers en masse are just sensational!! 
I'm taking the day off to spend with my 10 year old niece whilst it's school holidays so we'll be off having fun and exploring with Charlie somewhere!!

Photos from top left; Bouquet | Aaron Delesie, Calligraphy | Linea Carta, Olive Centrepiece | Punam Bean, Magnolia in book | Jemma Keech, Sage dress | Lisa Warninger (styling Chelsea Fuss), Bridesmaids | You look nice today


Beleigh said...

Beautiful! I miss spring already! :(

Beleigh, Hearing Aids Colorado

Chic Vintage Brides said...

I am starting to see why green is your favourite colour :) ♥ this soft Spring palette, it is SO pretty! x

Gaby - SouthBound Bride said...

Beautiful! Goodness, that green ink calligraphy I'm in love with!

Sandra (Simply Peachy) said...

I love this. So beautiful! It's like a breath of fresh air.

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