Monday, October 15, 2012

Round up | Romantic Canoe Photos

There is something ever so romantic about floating on the water with your loved one in a canoe or rowboat, and lately I've been seeing a lot of couples bringing this into their wedding photography - pretty sure The Notebook is responsible for this resurgence to a large extent!! Ryan Gosling in a rowboat is pretty inspiring right? Just last week we saw images of actress Amber Tamblyn arrive by canoe for their wedding ceremony, and as you can see in this round up plenty of couples are taking to the water to capture some fun and romantic moments. Although I'm quite sure some of these moments must end up as very candid falling in water shots too! If you're not quite brave enough to jump into a vessel on water, use it as part of your wedding decor like in the bottom image. Makes for a fun display or way to keep all your beverages cold... perfect for a outdoor or backyard wedding. So tell me would you go for a trip downstream to capture the perfect romantic canoe shot? I wouldn't hesitate!

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Caribbean Wedding Events said...

What a lovely choice for an engagement shoot...beautiful and serene.

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