Monday, October 22, 2012

Rustic Bridal Inspiration by Paul & Jewel Studios

Happy Monday everyone!! It's a long weekend here in New Zealand, one that often heralds the beginning of summer... but not this one that's for sure!! Yesterday was utterly miserable with torrential rain and I believe snow in some parts!! Honestly OVER. THE. RAIN!!! Today I'm spending the day about an hour and a half out of Auckland at Kate Robinson's Planted with Light workshop... and we're praying for good weather since they had 4 power cuts yesterday and we also have a shoot planned!! Kate's asked me to speak about blogging which I'm just a wee bit nervous about... if you know me at all you'll know I'm SO not good at speaking in front of people.

I'll be dreaming of sunny skies like these for most the day I think!! Sent it by Paul & Jewel Studios, it'll have you rustic loving brides dreaming of fields of gold (sorry just had to reference the Sting song!!). Jewel had this to say about the shoot:

I fell in love with these open, golden fields near Mount Shasta, California. The beautiful, outdoorsy location was an idyllic backdrop for sweet, soft, and romantic bridal photos. The golden china, wooden table, and ironwork chair were all borrowed from my grandmother for an authentic vintage feel. We had so much fun traipsing through the meadows and exploring the rustic, Northern California farmlands. As a nice little bonus, the red hibiscus tea and the adorable vegan cupcakes tasted just as delicious as they look!

Photography | Paul & Jewel Studios, Cupcakes | Sweet Desire Vegan Bakery, Gown | Papaya Boutique, Hair and Makeup Styling | Rozzi Taylor Flowers, DIY Location | Mount Shasta, Northern California


Jewel Maree said...

Kate, thank you so much for sharing this shoot with your readers! You are awesome!

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

I'm sure you'll be fabulous, especially when there's inspiration like this to be found!

Anna said...

This is an amazing collection of photos- I can't get over the fact that these cupcakes were both adorable AND delicious! I love the colors used in this shoot, because I'm a sucker for vintage and rustic themes.

Nattie said...

Eeeek, what a gorgeous shoot, I love it!

Natalya, Ruff House Art

Kate Robinson said...

Aww Kate! You were amazing at the workshop!! So thankful to have you there xx

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