Monday, November 5, 2012

Vancouver engagement shoot by Christie Graham

Hello there!! How was your weekend? I think I mentioned on Friday that we were having a pretty quiet weekend due the the hubs having his wisdom teeth out. Let me tell you, for a man who is very food driven, eats high protein 5 times a day and is constantly thinking about his next meal... eating pureed foods is quite simply his idea of a nightmare!! But hey he survived... another few days and we should be back on solids :-). We had an interesting night last night with all the fireworks going off for Guy Fawkes day today. Charlie had an absolute freakout when they started going off next door! We could not calm her, her poor wee heart was absolutely racing. Eventually I went into the office, played music as loud as I could and she just hid in the corner of the room under a chair all night! Let's hope we don't have to do this to her every year! And this is living in the country... imagine if we were in the 'burbs! Poor wee thing.

First up for the week we have a lovely engagement shoot all the way from one of my favourite cities - Vancouver - from Christie Graham who let's us know a bit more about the session...

Real couple Glenn and Caylin wanted a styled engagement session that was both masculine and feminine, and extra elegant with black and white palette. Inspired by the couples living space, we wanted to bring a bit of their home to the outside, somewhere that was special to them. While some of the pieces came right from Glenn and Caylin's modern apartment in down town in Vancouver, most of the pieces were pulled from the Cross Design to reflect the couples personality. Glenn was a bit unsure at first, but once we brought in some fine scotch and a decorative deer mount, he was really into it! It's really important for me, as a photographer, to reflect a couple's true personality. I was so excited when Glenn and Caylin saw the photos and said, 'wow, this is SO us!'

The black and white palette was a new experience for me, as I just love soft blush tones and natural light. That's why it was so important that we shoot this outside bringing in the soft greens from nature's willow tree.
Photography | Christie Graham, Styling and creative director | Love of Fair Events, Details and furniture pieces | The Cross, Makeup | Jasmine Hoffman, Dress | Jacqueline Conoir, Calligraphy | Laura Lavender, Flowers | SM Flowers, Cake and cupcakes | The Cake and the Giraffe, Champagne | Veuve Clicqout


Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

The flowers, the cake, the photos–how gorgeous!

Anna (Lover.ly) said...

What a gorgeous couple! I love the shot of the couple walking away from the camera with the groom holding balloons. Lovely!

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