Saturday, December 15, 2012

Beachside engagement shoot by Benjamin & Elise Photography

Sorry I've been awol for the last couple of days!! These past few months have been crazy crazy busy with invites, and the lead up to Christmas trying to get all jobs out the door is always rather manic. This year I made yesterday my absolute deadline for getting all jobs back from the printer and out the door and I'm SO happy to say I stuck to it and achieved it!! I'm taking a bit of a break from Ruby & Willow for the next 4-5 weeks to catch up on life... (seriously that's how it feels at this time of year), and also work on the magazine. I also find that I'm so busy, that any thought of Christmas - decorating, present buying or entertaining - takes a back seat, so I'm really quite excited at the prospect of having 10 days ahead of me to get my Christmas on! In fact no sooner did that last job go out the door, my first decorations came out!! Next week I plan to take plenty of walks with Charlie on the beach, have my nieces over to stay and do some baking and fun things with them, and go shopping without stressing about the time factor!! Woohoo!!
Anyway I'll leave you on this stunning Saturday (seriously this past week of sunny weather is already more than what we had the whole of last summer!!), with this sweet and simple beachside engagement shoot from Benjamin & Elise Photography.


Bellenza Wedding Bistro said...

Darling shoot! Can almost feel the soft sunlight and the sea breeze! (Have a wonderful holiday break.)

Anna (Lover.ly) said...

I love that dress! Gorgeous shoot.

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

Smitten with her look!

Delane said...

Man! This is one cute freaking couple! Great pics!

Lighting is great!

wedding photography CT

tricajus said...

thanks for your informations!!
keep posting and happy blogging!

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