Thursday, August 12, 2010

Board#64: Metallic Fuchsia

Ok, can someone please, pretty pretty please have a wedding in these colours!!! I am in love with this combination, it would look so gorgeous done well! It's quite the unexpected mix but I love the pop of fuchsia with the strong earthy tones. Perfect for a mid-season wedding, when the weather is a little cooler but still warm enough to wear these sensational fuchsia ruffled shoes.... they are quite simply to die for!

Photos from top left; Rose in cup by
Polly Wreford, Bowls of peonies by Meg Smith, Flowers in Bowl via Alison Events, Bouquet on rocks by Simply Bloom
2nd row; Galvanized letters by Kristin Vining via SW Mag, Bride & Groom by Jose Villa,  Fuchsia shoes via Style Me Pretty
3rd row; Photo by Jose Villa, Photo by Pamela Silver, Kusmi Tea, Horseshoe by Aaron Snow via Style Me Pretty


miss.c said...

Yay. this is my favourite combo ever. i heart galv letters.

forget.me.knot.weddings said...

Oh I love this color combo!! Great pick!

brit @ landlocked bride said...

This is a great early Fall palette. Love it!

dognbird said...

I want to see this colorful wedding too. Love your board!

Luna and Chloe said...

Ooooohhhh I would love to see it too!!! I agree with Brit - perfect for an early Fall wedding. Just gorgeous!!


Steph | bubblerock said...

That's quite an interesting combo. I quite like it actually :)

MrsFord said...

love it!

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