Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Real Wedding: Natalie + Mark

Our feature wedding for this week is a completely gorgeous explosion of colour from the wonderfully talented Greta Kenyon of Vela Images. How much do we love those balloons? Natalie, the utterly stunning bride, has always loved helium balloons and she says they lent the perfect celebratory feel to the reception as they were let go.

Natalie & Mark decided to hold both the ceremony and reception at their private venue after falling in love with the scenery there... it also inspired the feel of their wedding...
We heard about this stunning property owned by a florist and a architect who were the parents of an old school buddy. It had a real European Vintage style and gave the wedding a classy garden party feel.

Keep everything in a good diary, and make lots of To Do lists. The more you can get done earlier, the more enjoyable the whole planning will be. But really the only thing that really matters on the day is that you say ‘I do’ and get to commit to each other forever.


Kim @BrideGoggles said...

Those balloons are incredible - totally love these photos!

Luna and Chloe said...

Such fun inspiration! The colors, the balloons...all so fun and pretty!


Kate [Union Jack Creative] said...

Love love love the balloons; their use in grown-up events in underrated, they inspire such fun!

Steph | bubblerock said...

I am in love wit the bridesmaids dresses - do you have any idea where they are from Kate?

Kate/MagnoliaRouge said...

Steph - they're actually from the same designer as the dress... Corina Snow Bridal Couture

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