Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Travel Inspired Fall Engagement Shoot

They had me at the orange scarf!! Such a simple accessory but it adds so much to the images with that pop of colour! I'm delighted to be sharing these photos of long time reader (and my best commenter!!) Steph and her fiance Robin. Inspired by their love of vintage and travelling, they had a fun engagement session with Jessica Higueras at Cornwall Park.
I mentioned on the blog a few weeks back with this post, that doing a pre-wedding shoot is a great way to break the ice with your photographer and become a bit more comfortable with the process before the all important big day. Especially so for our gentlemen folk who are often more eager to head back to the frivolities than pose for the camera (not talking about anyone specific of course Mr "surely we have enough photos of me posing in the field, what's the quickest way back to the party" H!!)

Steph and Robin are heading to France in a few weeks for part one of their wedding celebration before a summer ceremony here. Head over to Steph's own blog where she documents her wedding planning and some other fun projects she's working on. A big thanks to Jessica for allowing us to share her beautiful work here.


Fiona andersen said...

Oooo how fab are these Steph you look gorgeous

Brancoprata said...

Has you probably know... I Can't wait to meet these two, they make such an adorable couple!! They are both so beautiful!! Love that last picture of Steph ;) knotty look ;)
And i absolutely LOVE Jessica Higueras photography!!

weddingsnpretty said...

I sigh as this reminds me of the coming of the fall and the ending of the summer. The silver lining: bicycle rides through the park and fall leaves. Lovely post indeed!

Kerry said...

Beautiful photos, you look amazing Steph! You are going to make one smoking hot bride!

Steph | bubblerock said...

Thanks everyone for the amazing comments and big ups to Jessica, my photographer. She is brilliant. And big thanks to you Kate. You have always believed in me and it is an honour to be featured on your blog.A true honour. And all of those comments, they just make it all worth it :)

Naomi said...

Awwwww Steph!!!! I love the photo shoot. I was offline and just got back on to see this gorgeous shoot. You are so pretty! What a beautiful couple!!!! Lots of hugs! I cannot wait to see the wedding photos!

Aleah + Nick Valley said...

What a fantastic shoot!

...Kobe... said...

Gorgeous photos! What a perfect Autumn feel...& I love love love Robin's jacket - where can I get one of those???


Steph {Bubblerock} said...

@Kobe - the jacket was hired from First Scene in Auckland. I also thought it was perfect. He didn't feel too comfortable in it, thinking it wasn't really him but I think it gave that old-school feel to this part of our shoot.

@Kate - the orange scarf was knitted by my mum a while back. I love it so bad! And it is true it brought a unique element to the photos!
And Jessica just knew how to capture that!

Luna and Chloe said...

I just love the cozy feel of this engagement session! They are all bundled up which is so cute...and it doesn't stop them from being out enjoying Fall!


...Kobe... said...

Thanks Steph! Congratulations to you & Robin on your engagement & have fun with the wedding plans!

Best wishes... -xxx-

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