Tuesday, June 21, 2011

TuesdayShoesday {for the love of chevron}

A casual look for this week's Tuesday Shoesday outfit post. And I couldn't decide whether I'd wear boots or sandals with it so you're getting both for good measure. Besides it's always good to have a backup pair of shoes right?

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TuesdayShoesday {for the love of chevron}


Brancoprata said...

Actually i can't decide either... i Love the boots but the sandals look perfect for the summer day we are having around here ;)))

postcards and pretties said...

I'll take the sandals...they would look great on my feet ;)

loving that chevron top too!!

Kristi said...

Love the chevron ;-))) And I love them both ~ but the boots seem like fun!!! And I could use a little fun in my life these days ;-))) But it is Summer, and I'm sure my feet would get toasty...hmmm, such a dilema!


Erin*Sparkle&Hay said...

oooooh chevron shirt my heart be still!!!

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