Friday, January 13, 2012

Board#166: Melon Sorbet

Doesn't this just scream summer? Summer... hmm, we're supposed to be in the thick of it but it doesn't even feel like it's started. I would say we've had a handful of summery days at best. In the seven years since I've been back living in New Zealand, this is by far the worst it's been... we were so incredibly spoilt last year with hot sunshiny days. Here's hoping it's late to start and stretches on well into autumn!!

Teal and red, baby blue and melon, aqua and coral... they're all such fun colour combinations. This calls out for a wedding that doesn't take itself too seriously. How much do I want one of those drinks trolleys? Just to pull around my house when I have guests!! And that melon sorbet is looking tempting no matter what the weather is doing!

Photos; Sorbet | Cannelle et Vanille, Bridal Party | via Style Me Pretty, Melon on plate | Martha Stewart, Beach scene | Olaf Szczepaniak, Drinks Trolley | Brides.com, Invite | Hello Lucky, photo by Abby Jiu, Outdoor table and caravan | Polly Alexandre


Sofia {Brancoprata} said...

This makes me miss NZ Summer ;) so beautiful, so dreamy!!!!

postcards and pretties said...

such a refreshing board. I love the color combination.

Steph {bubblerock} said...

That's how I imagined my wedding at first: those colours... Bright and pretty. Love this board and drawn to the last pic at the bottom right...
And WE MISS YOU TOO Sofia!!!

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

I can't resist this board-how delicious!

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