Saturday, January 14, 2012

Burlap & Knits shoot by Brumley & Wells

I'm thrilled to bring the gorgeousness of this shoot by Brumley & Wells to you this Saturday morning!! If you're a burlap loving, texture mad chick like myself, then this will suit you right down to the ground. No it's not a wedding or an engagement shoot but it's utterly inspiring nonetheless! And so gorgeously pretty!! Annie from Brumley & Wells lets us in on the inspiration behind the shoot... and how clever is she having made the scarf and leg warmers herself... not to mention putting the teepee together!

"With winter nudging me indoors, I had been on an unreasonable crafting spree. I crocheted the dusk grey scarf and oversized leg warmers and added some of my pet dove's feathers to a headpiece I made a few months back. I had been itching to build a teepee because of some beautiful inspiration I found on pinterest. One of our art students was over to work on a project, and he ended up building it with me. It takes only 25 dollars and 30 minutes to make this teepee! The light I hang inside of it is a ball jar covered in burlap, with christmas lights shoved inside. The moccasins, Breyer deer, oversized shirt, stirrup belt and the fringe on the teepee were all items I've thrifted over the last year. The bulky ring is actually an antler ring in it's rough stage. Jake makes these with a dremel tool. My engagement ring was a finished, polished antler ring with "agape" engraved in it. I love it! I realized that all of these things that were sitting around my house would make an incredible styled shoot. All I had to do was wait for a dreamy, overcast day.
Elizabeth was a perfect model for this shoot, and I had a blast doing her hair and makeup while she totally took over my iPod. Jake and I were thrilled with the way all of the details turned out, and forgot about the cold just long enough to capture these images. Enjoy!"



Jessica said...

Love the feel of this shoot.

Gabby / En Route Photography said...

Simply breathtaking!

Jan - Green Tree Photography said...

This shoot is gorgeous and inspiring! Thanks for sharing =)

William Ray, Editorial Director said...

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I Want Wedding Champagne! said...

While headbands around the forehead are not my thing, I'm loving the softness of the look, with the feathers and cozy fabrics :)

aurea @ pricewise events said...

The burlap and the model's lip color go together perfectly. :) Shall I say, let's all be ready for springtime? :D

Laura Murray said...

LOVE everything about the shoot. Beautiful.

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