Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Board#175: Fruitful Romance

H-h-happy Valentines!! Surely you knew a V-day style board was coming up right? I couldn't let the day slip by without something related. I have to say that for someone who always professes to not be 'the biggest fan of red', I sure have been using it quite a bit of late, especially in my own little colour story shoots. There are certain ways which I'm most definitely (and quite strongly) opposed to it I guess you could say, but there are ways in which I think it's fabulous and it really adds 'oompf' to a look. This is one of them! But for me it would be crucial to bring in touches of kraft or straw colours rather than just have the ivory. Somehow that makes it ok for me :-)
So we don't get big into the whole Valentine's thing in my household. We do a card always but don't go overboard on gifts or anything. I do however have a nice meal planned out, and to be honest I think that would be as much appreciated as any gift!! I'm very spoilt through the year to be honest so no complaints from me.
Check back in a little later when I have the sweetest of surprise proposals caught on camera!!

Photos from top left; Bouquet | by Kathleen Hyppolite (photo by Scott Clark via Grey Likes Weddings, Apples | Andrea Dozier via Postcards & Pretties, Cake | Jose Villa, Popsicles | Jubilee Photography, Icecream & Strawberry Flan | Canelle et Vanille, Couple | Jose Villa


Sofia {Brancoprata} said...

So fresh!!! Love it!

chandra ~ oh lovely day said...

Pretty, sweet, and fresh! Perfect Valentine's Day inspiration!

Amy - Chic Vintage Brides said...

Mouthwateringly good - the loveliest Valentines Inspiration board ever! x

Lauren said...

Good enough to eat! :)

prom dresses said...

These photos are amazing. photo and design of bouquet, both are nice. Great job.

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