Monday, February 13, 2012

Sweet engagement shoot from Danelle Bohane...

A little bit of a late start this morning, after a very sleepless night thanks to those pesky mosquitoes! and power cuts through out the night! But we're up and running and kickstarting the week off with a gorgeous engagement shoot from the lovely Danelle Bohane. Lauren is super lucky to have Danelle as one of her best friends... I think we all need a friend like that :-)

There is no denying the amazing talent of Danelle, so who better to capture the exciting season of being engaged than her (one of my best friends). She was able to bring my love of glitter and my fiance together to celebrate being young and romantic). We are looking forward to always having these photos to remember! Oh and not to mention the gorgeous Secret Garden... who would have thought it was amongst the suburbia of Orakei!


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prom dresses said...

what a beautiful shoot:X they are sooo sweeettt

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