Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Board#190: Citrus Crush

Good morning... I know it's a day late but did you have a nice weekend? It's definitely getting cooler around here! We had an IN.CRED.I.BLE shoot for the next issue of {MAG}rouge on Sunday. Seriously I completely fell in love with the stunning venue... could have camped out there for a week! It was a shoot that came together so well. You'll have the chance to see it all in a matter of weeks!! This third issue is even bigger and better than the previous two... can't wait to share!
I love the crisp freshness of this board. Bouquets full of a variety of white flowers with wee pops of colour are always a winning combination. And fresh citrus with white never goes out of style.

Photos from top left; Bouquet | Ryan Ray, Cocktails | Adam Barnes, Napkins | Giardino, Stationery | Linea Carta, Model | Belathee, Oranges | Cannelle Vanille, Wreath | Watson Studio, Oranges | Belathee, Cake Toppers | Goose Grease

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