Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Colourful Autumn Engagement Shoot by Vela Images

Ooo how I adore the colours of autumn and it's shown off in all her beauty with this scrumptious engagement shoot by Greta of Vela Images

Timing has been crucial for Peter and Jessica. They met on New Years Eve '06/07 in Taupo, New Zealand, through a mutual friend only moments before midnight. It was a chance meeting in every sense, with professional sportsman Peter only in town for a few nights, and Jess's friends having drawn Taupo out of a hat of destinations hours earlier, that afternoon. They went their separate ways before fate intervened again, a few weeks later. Peter broke a finger, forcing a 5 week break from the hectic cricket season, and next thing you know an unlikely relationship started, that took them all round the world.

Fast forward 3 years and they returned to Taupo for a romantic weekend to end the '09/10 cricket season. In the preceding weeks Jess began plotting, and with Peter's guard down, blinded by brunch and a thrilling Huka Falls Jetboat ride, she delivered the most romantic wedding proposal possible, popping the question on a private jetty on the banks of the Waikato river, at Huka Falls Lodge.

With their upcoming wedding having a vintage chic theme, they wanted their love shoot to have a similar feel, so chose old school props from On My Hand that fitted the theme. The Autumn colors and Jess's natural sense of style were a perfect fit for the Art Deco theme and after seeing their photos from Vela Images, can't wait for their big day to arrive.


Caribbean Wedding Events said...

Charming, sweet and full of heart! What a fun shoot and great inpiration for weddings and couples.

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

What a perfect shoot–and a gorgeous couple!

sarah said...

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