Friday, June 8, 2012

{MAG}rouge Issue 3 - the Harvest Issue - NOW LIVE!!

In case you were wondering why there was a bit of an interruption to posts this week, well it's because I was working on this little beauty!! All 300 pages of her!! Yikes... I said we wouldn't go over 200 last time... and we well and truly broke that rule. But it's 300 pages of stunning contributions from some amazing talents like Elizabeth Messina, The Wedding Chicks, Allyson Magda, Tec Petaja, White Wall Photography, Carmen & Ingo Photography, Danelle Bohane, Marta Locklear Photography, Annabella Charles, Haute Horticulture, Caught the Light, We are the Parsons, Tyler Branch, Aaron Delesie and more!!

A huge thank you to my fellow rougies; Judit Meron, Hannah Sutherland and Jasmine Kovach! And also to our hubbies for being utterly understanding of several late nights and takeout for dinner (well probably only in my case!!)

Back to normal blogging service next week... in the meantime I must catch up on my zzzzz.


Naomi said...

About to dig into it right now, Kate! The cove is lovely! Have a good sleep!

Brit {Colure Weddings} said...

So gorgeous!! Love the color stories!! You didn't disappoint! <3

Simply Peachy said...

I loved this! Thank you for inspiring me!

Sofia said...

Wow Wow Wow to this issue !!!!! Gorgeous from first to last page!!! Amazing details, ideas, and of course photography!!!! Well done team & contributors!!!

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

I can't wait to flip through all 300 gorgeous pages! Get some rest and enjoy your weekend, darling!

Unique Wedding Decorations said...

Great photos and ideas thanks for sharing.

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