Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fineline Photography

I have the loveliest Coromandel beach side wedding for you today from Fineline Photography, they've done a beautiful job of capturing it. I love how they've transformed the marquee with DIY chandeliers and strips of fabric... it looks amazing! The incredibly gorgeous bride Jessica shares their story with us... 

Ben and I technically met through the gym, but it was the audacity of a friend that properly introduced us following many months of awkward glances during workouts. At that point, I’d been living in New Zealand for just over a year and was deciding whether to return to the States or not. I easily chose to stay and somehow seven years have passed. We’ve managed to quite naturally mix our Kiwi and American heritages and enjoy our trans-Pacific holidays.

The family holiday house is in Matarangi, Coromandel and the reception was held next door under a large marquee overlooking the grassy reserve and ocean beyond. A cocktail lounge area was created just outside the marquee allowing space for guests to enjoy the summer weather and star gazing later in the night.

In consideration of our different backgrounds, the focus of the wedding was to create a relaxed environment which encouraged the mixing cultures. Narrow dining tables with a Mediterranean tapas menu were selected so guests were seated near one another and natural conversation would follow while sharing dishes.

Like most couples, we were working to a budget and choose the DIY path. Thankfully this is our normal inclination and we enjoy the process of creating something special from bits and bobs.

The theme if any, was ethereal shabby chic meets retro New Zealand beach side. We spent most weekends scavenging Salvation Army and the local tip shop for floral sheets, jam jars and old spirit bottles. It feels countless hours were dedicated to ripping sheets into small strips which were tied to fishing line and hung to create the floating canopy inside the marquee. Chandeliers were made in our tiny flat lounge during the winter – metal frames organised by a family member, faux crystal and pearl beads from the States and rags from local salvation army shops.

Flowers were inspired by the natural beauty of the Coromandel forest and were collected from the bush (and neighbours’ gardens) the day before. We came back covered in itchy bites with wide smiles and boot full of flora and fauna. Arrangements were then mixed with rosemary and lavender to fill the marquee with a calming herbal scent.

Etsy was great for the fun extras from handmade vintage clutches for the bridesmaids to custom cigar boxes for the groomsmen.


Rhiannon said...

How gorgeous! And that bride is just too stunning for words.

Nine Photography said...

LOVE the grooms shoes!

Steph | bubblerock said...

Major wedding envy :)

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

Every image, every detail is just gorgeous!

sarah said...

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