Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Modern Orange & Blue Invitations

Hello there!! How is your week going? I spent a day without water yesterday which was interesting... had just filled the kettle and my water bottle, and then it went! We're on tank water so as soon as something goes wrong with the pump - or we lose power - we also lose water. Finally late in the afternoon it got sorted... thank goodness. Don't think I'd want to be without running water for too long!

This is a custom design I worked on earlier in the year, combining some classic flourish motifs, with a preppy stripe and a monogram... all wrapped up in one fun package! Amber was inspired by my Ruby & Willow logo and wanted to use part of that for their design so that was kinda fun!


Caribbean Wedding Events said...

Gorgeous detail in these wedding invites!

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

So, so gorgeous–as always!

Esther said...

Beautiful Kate. And I really like the way you style your stationery in the photos.

The Bride's Tree said...

Gorgeous paper goods and photos. Loving it lots.

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