Monday, December 3, 2012

Round up | Groom's Style

Often the boys get a little overlooked when it comes to this whole wedding planning bit! Especially on the fashion front. But no more I say!! I'm seeing more and more grooms really putting their own spin on their attire for the big day (or is this all the bride's doing?). Gone are the standard black suit and tie combos...well not exactly gone, but there are a lot more options in the mix. And it's not just the brides who are doing the mis-matched thing... check out these fancy groomsmen with their eclectic assortment of tweed, checks, bow ties, gingham and suspenders. I for one love it, but I do think it takes a certain groom to be able to pull this look off. However whether your man can or not, there are several ways to dress with a little more personality that what we've seen in years gone by. What are your thoughts? What would you like your groom to wear on the day?

How fabulous is this lot? So much fun!

Photos by Michelle March

Love these groomsmen in all white, just perfect for the calm zen you imagine with a Balinese wedding. And the seersucker... not a look I've seen much in New Zealand, but I think it's quite suited to our warm summer wedding days. Perfect for a relaxed beach wedding.

Love both of these for a fall wedding... the colours, the texture of tweed, the fun bouttonieres in the top one, and the hats! Love the hats!!

Suspenders are a big thing these days... from a more formal look to something more laid back and hipster, combined with gingham or a bow tie. Either way they score a big tick with me!

Photos; Ryan Polei | Brandon Chesbro | Skyla Walton

I am loving the groom and groomsmen in the bottom image... they look like they could be on an album cover! So hip it hurts!!
Waistcoats... again something we're more used to associating with quite a traditional look with a three piece suit, but I love the relaxed feeling of them with a rolled up shirt. And the hat just tops off the look perfectly! Dapper indeed!!


Anna (Lover.ly) said...

Ha! I love shots of the groom and his boys, many of them are humorous.

Sara {BurnettsBoards} said...

Such great looks! I am having a hard time deciding what I love best but I think I am partial to the Bali wedding - gotta love that clean cut look!

Cathy Crawley said...

Funny, that last photo is mine :)

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