Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Board#227: Red Hot Summer

Well if this doesn't have you feeling all summery like nothing will!!! It's definitely getting that way around here now; the cicadas are out, flowers are in full bloom, the humidity is on the rise, and the supermarket's are stocked with cherries... a sure sign Christmas is upon us!! This board makes me so happy!!

Photos from top left; Cake | Jen Huang via Southern Weddings Mag, Bride with Nectarines | Logan Cole, Shoes | J Anderson Photography, Hibiscus Bouquet | Jose Villa, Dessert | Anice & Cannella, Model | Alicia Swedenborg, Page Boy & Flower girl | Jose Villa, Wedding Sign | Eric Kelley via Southern Weddings Mag


Anonymous said...

So cheerio making the holiday season bright...Thank you for another beautiful board!

Anna (Lover.ly) said...

That cake is too awesome! I Love the top of it in particular.

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

I just love this board!!

Naomi Goodman said...

This board is delicious. period.

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