Friday, July 23, 2010

What's your wedding style? XVIII

It's Friday folks......woo-hoo we've made it through another week together. For me it's been a short one... I've just returned from a mini-break to the South Island where I spent time with this lovely lady. I think everyone in this industry - or any creative industry I imagine, sometimes gets a bit lost or you find you're lacking motivation for whatever reason (winter anyone??), and often all it takes it a good long chat over polenta fries to a fellow creative to set you back on the straight and narrow or at least get those juices flowing again. You feel fully refreshed and ready to head straight back into things, and most importantly you support each other - which in this industry where so many of us work alone in our business, is invaluable and treasured.
So today's little mini inspiration board... I'm loving this pretty colour combination, mind you throw a brown in with anything and I'm all over it. But it's super sweet with the lilac and honeydew mixed in there... perfect for a springtime wedding. To see other inspiration boards in this series click here.

A selection from the Signature Collection Albums, clockwise from top left; Marrakech, Orange Blossom, Botanique, Letteria


Luna and Chloe said...

Love the invite with the plane...the colors are perfect together!!!


Laura + Helen said...

Next time I get married I'll be having Marakesh. Hehe Love it

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