Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Introducing | Berkshire

If you follow me on facebook at all, you may have seen my post about giving myself food poisoning (very clever right?).... oh and the husband although he doesn't seem to feel as bad as me which is only fair I guess. So I consequently spent all of yesterday moaning and groaning through the day - much to Charlie's complete bewilderment (oh and thank goodness for Mother-in-laws who live around the corner and adore your puppy and want to take them for walks ALL the time!!) and my regret. Really hoping to wake up this morning feeling on top of the world... really can't afford another day of doing nothing... there's invites to be designed, letterpress to be done, magazines to be laid up.

Today's invite is another new one for the Collection Range. Berkshire, a somewhat classic but refined design, perfect for an elegant garden soiree.

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Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

You poor thing–there's nothing worse than food poisoning, especially when it's at your own hand! But this suite is pretty enough to almost make you forget about it!

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