Friday, July 30, 2010

What's your wedding style? XVIV

Wow, we are hurtling our way towards August in a hurry aren't we!! Which is fantastic news for those of us downunder as it means spring is here in a few shorts weeks... yeah that may be slightly optimistic but pays to be on the side of hope right? Cause that means summer is just a hop, skip and a jump away... which brings Christmas... which brings me to the point in a round about way! Which is... red and green. Conjurs up all sorts of Chrismassy images right? And whilst there ain't nothing wrong with some good ol' Christmasness (yip, new word!) it's not really the look or impression you're wanting for your wedding, but change up the green to a sage or a lovely chartreuse and you're onto a winner.... or so I think... as demonstrated below. What do you think... are you in or not?
Have a happy Friday folks!!

A selection from Ruby & Willow invitations; clockwise from top left; Autumn, Custom Design, Grove and Birdsong

1 comment:

WeddingXpert said...

That custom design is to die for! The logo is so intricate and opulent, perfect for a vintage glam themed wedding.

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